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Rhode Islanders Are the 25th Fastest Talkers in the U.S.

Which states have the fastest talkers? It may surprise you to find out that a new study says that none of the fastest talking states are in the northeast. In fact, New York, the state with the reputation for fast talking, is #37 when it comes to tracking syllables per second. Here in Rhode Island, we are smack dab in the middle at #25, the slowest in all of New England.

Oddly enough, the upper midwest is home to some of the fastest talkers. Here are The Top 5 Fastest Talking States, according to Preply, an online language learning platform:

5- South Dakota

4- Kansas

3- Iowa

2- Oregon

1- Minnesota

No surprise that the Top 5 SLOWEST Talking States are all found in the south:

5- Georgia

4- Alabama

3- Alabama

2- Mississippi

1- Louisiana

Check out the full study here and watch a summary from NBC's Today Show below.

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