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Boston Commute is Among the WORST... Big Suprise!

Boston Traffic

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As more people have gone back to working in the office, their long commutes are back as well. Whether they’re behind the wheel, or taking a train or a bus, that time getting to and from their jobs makes the work day so much longer, but some areas definitely have it worse than others.

Research reveals that the average one-way commute time still isn’t back to pre-pandemic levels. In 2019, it was 28.7 minutes, but with so many folks working from home during the pandemic, it dropped to 25.6 minutes, but was back up to 26.4 last year. Of course, your commute time all depends on where you live and a new report reveals which city has the worst commute time in America.

No surprise that Boston makes the Top 5, at number four. I'm not sure what these times refer to. A thirty minute commute in Boston??? Maybe if you're going across town, but I'd guess the average commuter INTO Boston from ANYWHERE is spending anywhere from 45-60 minutes in the car. Here's the survey:

  • According to 24/7 Wall Street, New York City has the longest and worst commute time.
  • The largest city in the country has more than 8.8-million residents and they’re spending an average of 40.7-minutes one way to get to or from work.
  • The third largest city, Chicago, has the second worst commute at 33.5-minutes.

The 10 Cities With the Longest Commute Times:

  1. New York (40.7 minutes)
  2. Chicago (33.5 minutes)
  3. Philadelphia (31.5 minutes)
  4. Boston (30.5 minutes)
  5. Los Angeles (30.2 minutes)
  6. Washington (30.1 minutes)
  7. Oakland (29.6 minutes)
  8. San Francisco (29.5 minutes)
  9. Long Beach (29.4 minutes)
  10. Miami (29.0 minutes)

Source: 24/7 Wall Street

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