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Rhode Islanders Are Among the Biggest Tippers!

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We’ve heard a lot about “tipflation,” but research shows 60% of Americans say they tip more than ever before. That may be because tip screens are now showing up in just about every business, leaving almost half of Americans feeling tired of being asked to tip. But some states are more generous than others when it comes to gratuity and a new survey reveals which ones those are.

It asked 5,000 Americans - 100 from each state - about their tipping tendencies at restaurants, for food delivery, personal care and services.

The results show Californians tend to leave the biggest tip, an average of 22.69%, while those in Illinois leave the least, an average of 14.22%.

Overall, the average tip percentage in the U.S. is 17.94%

The 10 most generous tipping states:

  1. California average tip: 22.69%
  2. Missouri average tip: 22.05%
  3. Florida average tip: 21.68%
  4. Arizona average tip: 20.66%
  5. Rhode Island average tip: 20.5%
  6. Washington average tip: 20.23%
  7. Colorado average tip: 19.85%
  8. Pennsylvania average tip: 19.64%
  9. Connecticut average tip: 19.14%
  10. Georgia average tip: 19%

The 10 states that tip the least:

  1. Illinois average tip: 14.22%
  2. Mississippi average tip: 14.98%
  3. South Carolina average tip: 15.13%
  4. New Mexico average tip: 15.32%
  5. Tennessee average tip: 15.4%
  6. Oklahoma average tip: 15.51%
  7. Wisconsin average tip: 15.78%
  8. North Dakota average tip: 16.05%
  9. West Virginia average tip: 16.16%
  10. Utah average tip: 16.23%

photo: Getty Images Source: CNBC

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