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Did Bruce Willis Sell His Likeness To Create A Digital Twin? Maybe?

No, Bruce Willis Didn't Sell His Likeness to a "Deep Fake" Company. (But maybe it exists).

It would have been trend-setting - even game-changing - if it were true. But Bruce Willis' team

says it's not. Recent media reports suggested that the actor sold his rights to

authorize the creation of a “digital twin” of himself to appear in projects - this on the heels of

the announcement that Willis had stepped away from performing over health issues. Although

reports stated that this made the "Die Hard" star the first Hollywood personality to set up this

type of deal, his team denies the existence of any such arrangement.

In a statement, Willis’ representative said that he “has no partnership or agreement with this

Deepcake company.” A publicist for Deepcake confirms that Willis’ digital-likeness rights

cannot be sold, as they are his by default, and that the company’s involvement with the star

was set up through his representatives at CAA. Deepcake’s spokesperson explains that their

company created his digital twin for 2021 ad campaigns, and that any future use of the

likeness would be up to Willis.

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