Stanford Student Sneakily Flips Off Alex Trebek

Most contestants on Jeopardy! are content to simply play the game, but Viraj Mehta decided to add a subtle 'middle finger' to the show's host, Alex Trebek, and the audience.  

Iraj Mehta, a contestant on the College Championship on Jeopardy!, was asked a personal question by Trebek. He was asked to describe the relationship he found between a theorem in differential geometry and pizza.  

Mehta, a Stanford junior majoring in computer science and math, used his hands to demonstrate - and in the process flipped the bird for a whole seven seconds. Mehta, of Austin, Texas, later said on social media the act was intentional.

Mehta ended up winning his evening's show and moved to the final College Championship round to be held the evening of February 24. He wrote on his LinkedIn that he is intrigued by Artificial Intelligence and enjoys lifting weights, reading and exploring in his spare time.  

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