Grandmother Puts A Sign On Her Hospital Window...Then An Ironworker Is 'Crushed' When He Reads It

Need to renew your faith in humanity?  This story might help.

Gloria, an 88-year-old woman, spent a week in a hospital.  To help pass the time, she watched the steel and ironworkers who were constructing a new front entrance to the hospital.

On a cold, snowy day, Gloria was concerned about the safety of the workers.  But ironworker Jeff was concerned for the woman he had been watching.  

"This one guy looked over at us and waved, so we waved back.  I looked down on the beam and he had written, 'Get well.'"

Gloria was stunned at the thoughtfulness of the message.  She had been looking out for the workers, but she didn't realize they had been thinking about her, too.

"I saw the lady at the window looking out. I thought it would be a kind gesture just to tell her to get well.  I didn't think much of it.  I just tried to make someone feel a little better."

But it was Gloria's response that really hit Jeff hard...

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