Get Creative With Your Easter Snacks

Lamb, Ham or Lasagna... the trifecta of Easter cuisine in my household for as long as I can remember... well that and at least a pound of chocolate over the course of the day... And don't get me wrong, it's always delicious and any opportunity to hang with my family I am all about... BUT come on now... it's time to upgrade our dinner game.  

Personally I wouldn't know where to start when it came to mixing up my holiday dinner game... Fortunately Buzzfeed's Tasty exists and they have you an I covered this year....even if you're as terrified as this guy.... 

No judgment... Fries can be tricky AF... 

ANYWAYS, the article has everything from breakfasts, desserts, brunches and yes of course dinners and sides.... so even if you aren't ready to switch up the ham this year you can at least give a new side a try. 

And if cooking really does freak you out that much check out this relaxing cooking playlist I found while wasting time on YouTube below! 

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