Weekends Call For Wine - Episode 1

It's weird, I'm actually nervous writing this. 

After being On Air in radio for 8 years you would think that I would be comfortable talking on a mic. You would be horribly HORRIBLY wrong. 

I've spent my career keeping my chatter to a minimum, you know, letting the music shine and even my years of producing didn't prepare me for this. 


Uninterrupted, unedited, unassisted talking. 

Fortunately three things are in my favor: One, I get to talk about a passion of mine. Two, it just so happens to be my drink of choice for liquid courage and three the tipsier I get the more chatty I become! 

My drink of choice? 


To be honest in my early 20's I was pretty intimidated by the seemingly expensive and expansive world of wine. I mean you walk into a packie and there are HUNDREDS of bottles. All shapes, sizes, colors, vintages... I didn't even't know what a vintage was... I saw commercials for BareFoot on TV and it was 11 bucks so that was good enough... I mean I didn't really like it... but hey, it's what was there and it's what I knew. 

Fast forward several years and many glasses later. My pallet expanded, I gained a smidgen of confidence in the space and I really learned to love and enjoy the mastery and art that goes into so many brands and bottles. 

That is what brings us here! 

Weekends Call For Wine. 

Once a week I'll review a wine or two, give a little bit of insight into some different flavor profiles and maybe chit chat with an actual professional in the industry. After all I am in no way a sommelier, just a two bit radio personality who figured if I can get one person to give a new style or brand a try it's worth it. 

Give my first episode a listen below and please feel free to leave me some feedback, negative or positive, on my FB page here.  


P.s. I promised you some info about the Grand Canyon Wine Co. SO you can find their website HERE

I promised you a fun website to improve your wine lingo HERE

I promised you the link to the 7th Annual Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Festival this weekend so you can find that HERE

And I promised you some fun pics from my trip! Enjoy those below! 

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