Weekends Call For Wine - EP 4: The Purple Cat Winery & Brewery


This past week I had an opportunity to visit one of my favorite tasting rooms, the Purple Cat Winery & Brewery in Chepachet, RI! 

As you can see from the pictures below it's a quirky hang with tons to look at. They have multiple piano's... colorful artwork from local artists, a cafe that features super tasty charcuterie boards and pastries and of course a wide variety of wines and beers! 

This trip rather than doing a tasting I revisited some of my favorites including: Cabernet Franc, Trolley Car Red, Merlot and their Hard Apple Cider. 

However their Chardonnay and their Vidal Blanc are two of my other favorites so we chit chat a bit about them as well! 

Check out the Purple Cat's full wine list HERE. 

In my endless search to better my knowledge of wine I came across a pretty concise article for anyone who wants some immediate information on wines from Uncorked! 

While it is targeted to new servers in the food industry it really has everything you would need to know as a casual wine drinker. Best part... pictures, charts and even book recommendations if you are so inclined to really jump in head first! 

Take a look at it below.

"Basic Wine Knowledge Training For Servers" 

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