Not eating bread right now? Then these Sandwiches are for you

This morning I did the unthinkable and highly regretted... I stepped on the scale. While normally I'm cool fluctuating between the 10 pound mark I found myself slightly over. Which is never great when you think about winter and weight gain that comes with that. 

Well because of this I decided to go easy on the carbs for a bit... not cut them out mind you... I don't believe in fad diets or cleanses so no Keto, or Atkins or whatever the heck it's called now... just more exercise a little less bread and some more veggies. 


Lucky me I found that Buzzfeed was totally picking up what I was putting down and decided to write a fun article about sandwiches without bread... BINGO... just what I was looking for! Fun lunch ideas without the carbs AND more veggies BOOM double hitter! 

Now I'm not going to go through and actually rewrite Buzzfeed's whole post because plagiarism LOL AND I haven't tried out the recipes yet BUT I figured what's the harm in giving it a share right? 

Check out their article HERE 

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