Weekends Call For Wine - EP 5: Nashoba Valley Winery

"The first great and wonderful New England Winery" ~ Richard Pelletier 

"The first great and wonderful New England Winery" 

Or at least that was it's original intention. Whether or not Nashoba is considered the first, it is most definitely a great and wonderful New England winery. 

Settled on a hill in Bolton Ma, Nashoba boasts over 50 acres. And while it started out as just a 3000 square foot home and barn has over the years turned into 15,000 square foot space that is home to so much more than just wine. 

This past week I sat down with owner Richard and his son and employee Justin Pelletier. 

The pair spoke about the family journey, plans for the future and of course, their wines! 

Take a listen to the latest episode below.

While we touched on it briefly during the interview I would be reamiss if I didn't spend some time talking about the other various offerings at the property. 

You've heard about the spirits, and wine but another unique feature to the Vineyard is it's 98 varieties of apples that adorn the property. Legends say that the first trees were planted by Johnny Appleseed himself who supposedly resided in the neighboring town of Leominster.

With so many tree varieties you better believe they do more than just turn the fruit into a dry wine! 

You can bring the whole family down for an afternoon of apple picking, and who knows you may even bump into Richard's mother at her apple bag shack! 

Or a bride for that matter! 

The grounds are perfect for any event and can accommodate parties of almost any size.  

Wine, Whiskey, Gin, Grappa, Beer, Apple Picking, Weddings, Events, Brunch, Lunch & Dinner. 

Check out all Nashoba Valley Winery has to offer HERE 

And make sure you say hello to Rich and Justin! 

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