First Look At Live Action Aladdin

So earlier this year Disney gave us a sneak peak of the new live action move via a tease trailer where we got glimpses of Iago, the Cave of Wonders and what appeared to be outlines of Jafar... if you missed it check it out below... 

ANYWAYS after that teaser I was HOOKED. It looked a little dark...a smidge gritty AND Aladin is tied for my favorite Disney film of all time after all so I was really REALLY looking forward to seeing what they end up doing with the film. 

WELP now my excitement has kind of fizzled out. I knew Will Smith was going to play Genie but I wasn't expecting him to look so comical. Take a look below.  

There's just something SO cheesy about this pic of him... and the costume looks a lot more tacky than I was expecting. 

That being said is it going to stop me from going to the movie? Heck no... I'm just keep my fingers crossed Will's acting can distract me from that mess of a costume. 

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