Here's Why You Should Hit Up A Thrift Shop This Weekend

If you've logged on to Netflix at any point in the last month I guarantee you've seen the trailer for 'Tidying Up with Marie Kondo' an incredibly motivational show that inspires you to rid your life of the clutter and belongings that no longer bring you joy. 

WELL let's just say I was not the only one who felt compelled to follow Marie's tips and rid their lives of unneeded objects. 

While my cleaning project started and ended with me tossing my scale... (don't worry I thanked it for it's service) MILLIONS of others have been flooding their local thrift shops with all their discarded goodies.... I mean take a peek at the pics below.

While the items might not 'Spark Joy' in their previous owners, who knows.... they may be your new favorite! So make like Macklemore and hit up your local thrift shops this weekend! You never know what goodies could be hiding. 

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