Welcome To 2019...Where Bubble Wrap Clothing Is A Thing

Really I'm not one to talk... I wear yoga pants and GIANT over sized sweaters everyday so I wouldn't know good fashion if Marc Jacobs himself came down as my fashion fairy godmother and made me over BUT these are a little weird right? 

Fashion designer Craig Green had his Fall 2019 show in London the other day and debut these bubble wrap beauties and all I can think of is the Geico commercial where legit everything is covered in the stuff.

I posted it below in case you have no idea what I'm talking about... 

Look, I know fashion is supposed to push the boundaries and it's art and stuff but if when fall comes around I see ladies out and about covered in bubble wrap I may physically die laughing. 

Anyways you can check out the full show HERE if you're curious to see how the bubble wrap actually looked on people. 

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