The Bachelorette Kicks Off Tonight And I Am SO PUMPED

SO tonight is start of the new season of the Bachelorette and let me just say, I have thoughts!

Mainly why I'm so pumped for tonight is Hannah Brown, this seasons bachelorette, is a crazy person. Last season during the Bachelor Hannah was at the center of weeks of drama, tears for days AND even a scandal so I can only imagine what she is going to bring to the Bachelorette this season.

Not only that the cast of hopeful fellas looking to be Mr. Right seem to be pretty nutty too! There's even one guy who's fathered 114 children via being a sperm donor... I'm not joking... HE WROTE THAT ON HIS OFFICIAL CAST BIO...which you can find here

My bet is the drama is not going to stop here, so don't miss the kicks off at 8 pm tonight :)

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