How To Boost Your Mood In 12 Minuets

It's a Friday so you'd think with the weekend ahead that's all the motivation you'd need to decompress but as I sit here in studio all tired from weird sleep from the full moon I realized I needed a pick me up! I googled relaxation and this was the first article that came up. Well that's not a true a bunch did...most of them ads for lavender bath salts and yoga, but once I got past that and started reading the articles I found that this one posted by the Today Show I thought, MAN! this is something I could do right now.

It's called "loving kindness"

Basically you spend 12 minutes either all at once or throughout the day wish people well. Random guy on the street, coworkers, friends and family...whomever. You don't say it out loud, just quietly send some positive vibes to those around you and according to a study in the Journal of Happiness (yes that's a real thing... I Googled it) it can help improve your anxiety, give you more happiness and even make you more empathetic!

I recommend you check out the whole article HERE

And who knows, maybe instead of freaking out in traffic on your way home tonight you'll just turn up the tunes and rock out feeling all the more happy for it!

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