Camel Shoes... Would You Wear Them?

Okay, so the official name for the shoes aren't "camel shoes"... they are "big toe shoes" but come on now... they make you look like you camel feet and are apparently a big fall trend.

While it's mostly huge in Asian countries right now, it has been seen recently at the Golden Globes and the MTV VMA's which leads me to wonder if the next time I'm strolling through the mall I'll start to see these popping up in stores soon.

SHOULD that happen and we start seeing these pop up at Macy's the question remains.... would you actually wear them?!?!

I got to say for me, it's a no go... in fact my feet feel claustrophobic just looking at them... but what about you? Would you rock them for the trendy factor? Let me know on FB Here

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