Teen & Cow Take A Nap At State Fair And Go Viral

Now this is hands down the sweetest story you will read all day.

Mitchell Miner, of Iowa, was participating at the local Iowa State Fair's Youth Dairy Cattle Show when the news came him and his best cow friend Audri didn't take home the blue ribbon.

So what does any self respecting cattle farmer do with a loss, take a nap of course!

A photo of Michell and Audri resting up together soon took the internet by storm, making the rounds at CBS and Fox News. Bringing to light the bond between a boy and his cow.

According to the Des Moines Register, Mitchell and Audri prepared for the show for weeks, getting up at 3 am the day of the competition to be to the fair on time. Audri took 5th place out of 7 but if you as me they were the real winners!

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