Emotional Support Animals Might Banned From Planes

Labrador Retriever at airport

Photo Credit: Getty/mauinow1

Personally I have never had an issue flying with unruly service animals but according to the president of the Flight Attendands-CWA, "The days of Noah's Ark in the air are hopefully coming to an end"

I stumbled on to this article on Today.com that basically says that the Transportation Department has proposed rules that would rein in the variety of service animals that people have been bringing on flights under the guise of service pets. Which I guess means no more wacky stories of people bringing exotic pets like a peacocks (which actually happened and you can read the story here) on planes!

Now the new rules would still allow specially trained dogs to fly as service animals there will be several new regulations to make those working on planes lives significantly easier.

I won't list them all here but if you want to check out the full story you can find that HERE and for funsies check out this neat video I found of a service dog in action!

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