A 'Mean Girls' Sequel Is In The Works And Here's What We Know

Private Screening Of "Mean Girls"

Photo Credit: Getty/Paul Hawthorne/Staff

I think it's safe to say that mean girls is one of those iconic coming of age tales that just never gets old. For a movie that came out SIXTEEN years ago, it's still incredibly relevant, memeable and just over all timeless (minus the flip phones). It just makes sense that Tina Fey would bring one of her most memorable movies back to the big screen.

The movie is set to be a play off the stage production of Mean Girls that hit Broadway back in 2018, including musical numbers new characters and old. There's no word on whether or not Lindsey Lohan or any of the original cast will be included in the new film but I think it's safe to say with Tina running the project we will at least see a familiar face or two.

P.s. Check out one of my favorite scenes from the film below!

For more on the details on what's in works click here

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