Better Together: A Great Non Profit For Breast Cancer Survivors

Earlier today I came across the story of Shannen Doherty revealing her stage four breast cancer had returned and it got me thinking of my various friends and family who have had to fight for their lives because of this disease.

It also made me thankful that I know some pretty amazing warrior women who take their lumps and turn them into some beautiful and inspiring for the community. One in particular created a phenomenal non-profit organization for women on Cape Cod who have been acclimating to life after breast cancer called Better Together.

Their bio reads "We exist today because on March 15, 2016 Megan was diagnosed with breast cancer. The first thing that popped into her head wasn’t her health, it was how am I going to fit cancer into my life? Raising a young family, working in retail management, actively participating in her community prompt questions of how will I clean my house? Who will cook dinner? Will I be able to work? How will I manage the kids? Will my relationship be affected? How will I pay the bills? Because at 32 years old there was a lot needing her attention. Throughout doctors visits, chemotherapy and surgeries Megan was supported by family, friends, acquaintances, medical professionals and organizations such as the Ellie Fund. It wasn’t until she was cancer free, that her strength had really begun as she navigated a new life after breast cancer.

Better Together was founded in 2018 with one goal: peer support. A logo was made and a private Facebook group formed, we now are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to the health of women diagnosed with breast cancer, focusing on physical and emotional well-being, engagement and peer support, we create a community thriving in survivorship together. We will continue to be a trusted advocate on Cape Cod for women facing breast cancer until there is a cure and all are well"

I'm mentioning them today because after 2 years Better Together continues to provide support and help to women across the Cape. So if you, or someone you know and love is looking for a bad ass gang of women to love and support them during one of the most challenging and difficult times in the lives I highly recommend you give their Facebook group a like and check out their website HERE.

You're not alone <3

Photo Credit: Better Together

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