Cold Water Swimming New Way To Clear The Mind

Lifeguard chair in Newport

Well this is perfect for us New England folk!

Apparently the next time we need to clear our minds and boot our moods all we need to do is head down to our favorite local beach and hop in!

While Polar Plunges aren't new, typically they are reserved for the 1st of the year as a way to celebrate the new year and welcome in change, however over the years the "plunging" has become much more common and regular for people in the North East and up into Canada.

While several people claim that experiencing cold swimming improves their mood and helps clear their minds, doctors do warn that there are health risks associated with the sudden temperature change and length of time exposed to the cold.

Personally I am always cold by nature and unless there is a bond fire involved I rarely go to the beach in the Summer, BUT if you think this sounds interesting to you definitely check out the whole article HERE so you can be safe in your chilly endeavor!

Photo Credit: Getty/Angel Jiménez de Luis

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