Demi Moore Reminisces On Nude Vanity Fair Shoot

Vanity Fair: Hollywood Calling - The Stars, The Parties And The Power Brokers - Arrivals

After seeing the comparison I've decided Demi Moore just doesn't age.

I was reading an this article on and I guess the other day Demi attended an event at Vanity Fair and came across one of her iconic magazine covers from nearly 30 years ago when she was 7 months pregnant.

Not a huge deal right?! Wrong!

I was unaware of this but apparently she was one of the first actresses ever to pose nude for a publisher like Vanity Fair let alone be pregnant while doing it!

Personally I think the woman looks incredible either way and clearly has some magic anti aging secrets but you really have to see the side by side comparisons to tell which woman is from 30 years ago!

Check out the pics and the whole story HERE

Photo Credit: Getty/Frazer Harrison/Staff

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