Dwayne Johnson's Daughter, Simone Johnson, Joins The WWE

"Skyscraper" New York Premiere

Well this is big news for the women's division in the WWE!

In case you forgot, before Dwayne Johnson was saving us from over the top natural disasters and showing off his god like physique he was the people's champion showcasing his athletic prowess in the ring for the WWE.

But who knew what the Rock was actually cooking up was the love of wrestling in his daughter!

Earlier this year his daughter Simone turned 18 and really started exploring her love of the sport leading to her signing to her fathers Alma mater the WWE. While there is no word on how soon she'll be showcased in NXT or move up to the main roster for either Smackdown or Raw, I think it's safe to say with Simone as a forth generation wrestler we can expect big things.

video below! Check out her announcement video below!

Photo Credit: Getty/Michael Loccisano/Staff

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