Healthy(ish) Recipes For Onion Rings, Brownies & Tortilla Soup

Fried onion rings

Since I'm on day 6 of my zero carb, zero sugar detox thing I woke up this morning and decided to torture myself on Pinterest looking at all the tasty food I can't have. While laying in bed scrolling through the pictures and pictures of delicious carbs and sugar laden treats it got me thinking...there has be healthier alternatives to some of these treats right???

Well lucky for me, the very first article that popped up when I Googled it was this pretty cool "Healthier" version of some of my favorite snacks!

Now personally I still won't be able to give these recipes a go for another 3 weeks but I figured why make every body wait just cause I can't enjoy right now!

Check out the list of healthier recipes I found for Onion Rings, Brownies & Tortilla Soup HERE and let me know what you think!

Photo Credit: Getty/SammyVision

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