'The Office' Turns 15 This Month!

It's honestly crazy to think that 15 years ago this month The Office debuted on NBC!

Since then, it's become and absolute staple in my household. Don't know what to watch? The Office. Having a bad day and need to laugh? The Office. Don't really want to watch anything but want to have TV on in the background while you stare at your phone? The Office. So when I stumbled on this great article where the cast shares some of their all time favorite memories of the show I just knew I had to share.

The article talks to 7 of the most notable characters and honestly made me chuckle to myself at my desk more than once! Curious? Check it out here.

And if all this Office talk got you craving some Dwight and Michael shenanigans don't forget you can binge to your hearts content on Netflix until Dec 31st 2020!

Photo Credit: NBC/Getty/Netflix

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