''Granny Chic” The Hottest Trend For Spring

Young woman shopping for vintage clothing

With younger generations moving towards living sustainability it's not a surprise that vintage fashion is coming back to the forefront of spring trends this year. Up cycling cloths and thrift shopping has been happening for years but with celebrities such as Billie Eilish promoting the practices company's have begun taking notice.

Macy's even has begun selling vintage and recycled clothing in test markets and the one of the largest online thrift stores ThredUp has begun opening brick and mortar locations. All of this interest in preloved garments has led to a pretty cool new style you can be sure we'll be seeing a lot of this Spring and Summer being referred to as 'Granny Chic' or Grandmillennial'. Gone are the ways of monochrome nude outfits. Instead color, patterns, and textures are all on the rise!

Honestly with the environmental and cost benefits I am certain this trend will last well into the fall and winter as well! So next time you get the shopping bug take a page out of Macklemore's book and hit that thrift shop!

Photo Credit: Getty/pawel.gaul

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