Should You Get Dressed Up To Work From Home?

Father with his little son working from home

With a majority of us being responsible and self quarantining, working from home has been a necessity for those of us who are capable. But with that being said it also means jammies for days on end. You would think a more relaxed and comfortable attire would be a great thing however it looks like studies are beginning to see some negative effects associated with this change in routine. While the cloths might not be to blame per-say that act of working from home is starting to be tied to various emotions such as depression, stress and lack of motivation.

To me that makes complete and total sense, especially if you have to find a balance between taking care of the kids and meeting your work expectations. Well, while putting on your work best won't help entertain the kids, studies have been done to show that the act of getting dressed up (even with no where to go) has a positive effect on our psyche.

Take a look at this article from to see some tips and tricks on what dressing for work could do for you here.

Photo Credit: Getty/Westend61

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