Meet The Two Legged Dog Named This Years Cadbury Easter Bunny

A bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate

Since 1994 Cadbury has been searching for the perfect Easter Bunny. In fact I don't think it would be Easter without seeing their classic tryout commercial!

Well this year they hosted the tryouts for real and hands down the cutest animal won! Meet Lieutenant Dan, a two legged hound dog from Ohio that beat out over 4,000 pets across the United States to be able to rock the bunny ears!

"The quantity and quality of entries for the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts this year just blew us away," Ethan Mandel of the Cadbury brand team said in a press release.“Lieutenant Dan is the epitome of inspiration, passion and energy, showcasing that no matter what challenges you (have), you can overcome it,” Mandel said. “With almost 200,000 votes cast, America showed love and support to all of our finalists.”

While I was completely unaware of this was happening up until today I really do love their choice.

Meet Dan below!

Photo Credit: Getty/LEON NEAL/Staff

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