Lions Lounge On The Road Near Kruger National Park In Wake Of Lock down

Lions Rest At Kruger National Park

In the wake of the Corvid - 19 Pandemic countries across the globe have taken to social distancing, business closures and even lock down mandates. And while none of that is idealistic there have been some benefits. Air pollution across the world is subsiding, waters once polluted have started to become clear and animals are beginning to venture out and reclaim some of their territory.

Now lions aren't exactly like the turkey that have been spotted by Fenway in Boston, or the fish that have begun to return to the Venice Canal in Italy but it is still pretty cool none the less.

Kruger National Park shared pictures of the sleepy felines napping on the roads to their Twitter account earlier today saying, "Kruger visitors that tourists do not normally see. #SALockdown This lion pride are usually resident on Kempiana Contractual Park, an area Kruger tourists do not see. This afternoon they were lying on the tar road just outside of Orpen Rest Camp."

Check out the rest of the pics below!

Photo Credit: Kruger National Park/ Twitter/ Section Ranger Richard Sowry

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