Shooting Stars Are Headed Our Way, Check Out When To See Them

Silhouette Woman Standing Against Star Field At Night

Get your warm blankets and telescopes ready, shooting stars are headed our way!

Starting Sunday night April 19th, through Wednesday morning on April 22nd shooting stars are going to be visible to us here on the east coast! According to NASA, "As many as 10 to 20 shooting stars per hour are expected to light up the night sky this year, providing extra excitement for everyone at home in quarantine. The meteor shower has been known to occasionally wow skygazers with as many as hundreds of shooting stars per hour"

While this year is set to be a slower year than usual, for the past 2,700 years April has been prime meteor shower viewing.

Check out some viewing tips from the experts here.

Photo Credit: Getty/Chumphon Whangchom / EyeEm

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