'The Office' Cast Reunites To Re-create Iconic Dance For Fans' Wedding

Yesterday episode 7 oh John Krasinski's news talk show, 'Some Good News', aired and I have to say for 'Office' fans it might have been the best one yet!

John kicks off the show talking about the story of one 'Office' obsessed couple who recently got engaged in one of the sweetest ways ever. Remember how Jim purposed to Pam at a gas station and it was hands down one of the most touching TV proposals of all time?

Well that is exactly how John purposed to Susan! This couple from Maryland caught Krasinski's eye so he decided to do something extraordinary!

He got ordained as a minister, got Jenna Fischer (Pam) on the line along with some of Susan and John's closest family and performed a zoom wedding and to top it all off he brought the whole cast of the office together to perform the iconic dance from Jim and Pam's wedding.

Yes the whole thing absolutely made me cry...and you probably will too!

The wedding portion kicks off around the 10 min mark and the dancing around 15 so check it out for yourself below!

Photo Credit: John Krasinski/SGN/Youtube

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