Khloe Kardashian Explains How She Lost Over 60 Pounds After Her Pregnancy

Anyone who is familiar with the Kardashian's know that over the years Khloe has been the one to always struggle with her weight.

She's cried publicly, she's expressed pain and turmoil over her weight and she's also shared her weight loss journey regardless of the criticism or support she's received.

That being said when she began her pregnancy journey she knew she'd be back to gaining weight and would have to start losing all over again.

That being said, 2 years after giving birth and topping her weight at 203, she's back to her comfortable weight of 150 (plus or minus a little) and has decided to share her technique on her sister, Kourtney's YouTube channel.

It is a bit lengthy BUT I'd say well worth the watch!

Photo Credit: Pooch/Kourtney Kardashian/Youtube

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