103 Year Old Mass Woman Beats Coronavirus, Celebrates With Bud Light

Gunn Family Photo Via Wicked Local

This woman is my new hero!

Meet Jennie Stejna, a 103 year old Massachusetts woman who celebrated beating the Coronavirus by having a Bud Light!

In an interview with USA Today Jennie's niece Shelley Gunn, spoke of how she was the first to test positive in her nursing home and was moved to a separate ward. After about three weeks they thought they were preparing for the end and said their goodbyes. Shelley thanked her aunt for everything she had done for her and when Shelley's husband, Adam Gunn, asked whether Stejna was ready to go to heaven, she replied, “Hell yes.”

Fortunately Jennie recovered and to celebrate the nursing home staff brought a her a Bud Light!

It really is such a sweet story, you can read the rest of it here.

Photo Credit: USA Today/ Gunn Family Photo Via Wicked Local

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