Style Not Size Videos Show Just How Stunning You Can Be At Any Size

With National Best Friends Day just around the corner (it's June 8th BTW) I figured I would share this super cute story about two best friends Denise Mercedes and Maria Castellanos. The pair started this super body positive mini series on TikTok where they each rock the same outfit celebrating their style rather than their size.

In each of the videos they rock a different vibe and range from beach wear, to active to comfy and casual to formal and fitting. In an interview with Today Show Style Mercedes said, "We were playing around, we did it mainly for fun, we didn't think it was going to get this much recognition." but boy were they wrong! Since the started doing these videos in January they've gotten over 1.5 million views!

Regardless of your size or style I highly recommend you give them a follow here: Denise Mercedes Maria Castellanos #stylenotsize and don't forget to share it with your bestie!

Photo Credit: Denise Mercedes/ Maria Castellanos/TikTok

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