Tattoo Artists are Covering Up Racist and Hateful Tattoos for Free

As you may know, if you and I have ever met outside of radio land and in person, I like tattoos. In fact from the picture above you can see I have a few myself! And for me it's always been about expressing myself and showcasing the love I have for certain people, places and things.

That being said, some people have used tattoos to perpetuate hate and cause injury to others. And while that is certainly never ideal is is pretty exciting that so many people have recently seen the error of their ways and relinquished that hate sometimes people can't afford to remove their past tattoos as easily. Making them a constant reminder of a negative time in someones development.

Fortunately there is good news! There are tattoo artists volunteering their time and energy to cover up those past reminders! A lot of them in fact! Check out more about the here.

Photo Credit:Tracy_Lynn_Radio/Instagram

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