5 Minuet Homemade Ice Cream (No Machine Needed!)

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

So I was flipping through one of those national "yadda yadda" calendars and discovered that the whole month of July is National Ice Cream month, which is pretty cool! ( get it...because ice cream is frozen...so it's cool) Okay, terrible joke got it. But ice cream is one of my favorites even though my little lactose intolerant stomach can't really take it. And because it's one of my favorite treats I figured I would share this fun and simple way to make ice cream at home without a machine!

You'll need some ice, salt, whole milk, cream, and a flavoring of some kind (the video below uses vanilla extract.) and a couple plastic zipable bags.

Now I will admit the last time I made ice cream like this I was in summer camp sometime in middle school, but trust me it is easy AND more importantly tasty!


Photo Credit: Getty/Tim Robberts

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