Want To Learn How To Do A Pull Up? Here's The Exercises To Start

Girl training on chin-up bar outdoor

Once upon a time, I used to go to the gym fairly often. In fact, I was once actually able to do a multitude difficult exercises pull ups included. However those days have been behind me long before the pandemic shut down the gyms. but since the weather's been nicer and I've been becoming more and more cooped up at home I figured I would try and get back at getting in shape.

That's when I stumbled on this fun article on learning how to do pull ups. Now normally if I had access to machines, or bands I would have probably taken that route, but since I don't...and I figured you might not either you may want to try some of these at home exercises that are designed to work the same muscle groups as a pull up meaning next time we are able to get to the gym we'll be well on our way to attaining whatever goal we set for ourselves.

Now I've only been doing the first two of these but I can already feel a difference! Check out the article here.

Photo Credit: Getty/Stanislaw Pytel

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