Rhode Island Knitting Group Wins Contest For Hand Crafted Farm Display

Everything about this story is phenomenal. Knitting just so happens to be one of my favorite pass times so when I saw that a knitting group from Jamestown had made the news for hand crafting farm animals I just knew I had to share.

Directly Above Shot Of Knitting Needle With Crochet On Colored Background

The knitting group, 'Needles Galore' boasts 23 members from the Jamestown community and decided they would partake in the contest as a way to keep busy and preoccupied during pandemic that has been plaguing the country for months now.

In an interview with Channel 10 WJAR project organizer Allie Sabalis said, "So, it was for public art pieces that could be installed this summer in Jamestown and our knitting group decided to enter the competition. We learned in the competition that we are the only community group everybody else is an individual artist."

And I have to say their team work paid off. With all the knitting materials donated from town residents the 23 members created three life sized sheep as a way to pay tribute to Jamestowns history of sheep farming. As if that wasn't cool enough, the finished project is called "La Yarn- Bomb-Baa"

Members of Needles Galore pose with their handy work

Yeah I'm super into everything about this and if you are too check out the feature article from WJAR here and stop by the Jamestown library until October to check out their creation.

Photo Credit: Getty/Natalie Board / EyeEm/ Sam Smith WJAR

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