Disney World's 'Welcome Home' Promo Video Has The Internet All A Buzz

Since Disney World shut it's doors to park goers in mid April there has been much speculation on when the park would reopen to the crowds of happy vacationers. Yet despite the continued growth of positive Corona Virus cases in the state of Florida Disney World is set to reopen come July 15th.

While some people might be excited to experience the wild world of Disney others are a bit more leery especially after they published their 'Welcome Home' trailer.

Disney Parks Christmas TV Special Pre-Taping

Earlier today in a now deleted tweet Disney World posted the following video, hoping to spread the word of their opening later this week.

However, after watching the video, many people came to see it as a clear sign the park should not be allowed to open, while others sighted how bizarre and dystopian the video felt.

Personally I think that it is way too dangerous to be opening a park to thousands of people but hey, what do I know. What do you think? Too soon to reopen or are you on team Disney?

Photo Credit: Getty/Handout/Handout

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