Squirrels Carrying The Bubonic Plague Have Been Confirmed In The US

As if having one pandemic causing disease in the country wasn't enough, now a squirrel in Morrison Colorado tested positive for the bubonic plague, according to an announcement made by county health officials on Sunday.


Yep, our summer certainly just got more interesting. Fortunately for us health officials aren't too worried. Lawrence Stanberry, director of the programs in global health at Columbia University commented on the discovery saying, "for (squirrels) to go on to be transmitters is extremely unlikely," and fortunately, we do have treatments for it these days, so (bubonic plague) is not the same scourge it was five or six centuries ago."

That being said, I personally am still not pump at the appearance of yet another disease but what can you do.

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Photo Credit: Getty/ALFREDO ESTRELLA/Contributor

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