Chocolate Cake Shot - Best Shot You'll Ever Have

It's like a piece of warmth chocolate cake with a 10th of the calories!

Friends Raising Toast

Now I'm not normally a shot kind of lady nor am I one for dealing with the science to make a good mixed drink but this was absolutely lovely and super easy to make!

All you need is:

1 oz of hazelnut liquor (I used Frangelico)

1 oz of vanilla vodka (I used Smirnoff)

1/2 oz of creme de cacao (any brand will do)

a lemon and some powered sugar!

Pour the alcohol into your preferred shot taking vessel, take the lemon and cover it in the powered sugar THEN and here's the tricky park bite the lemon...keep the juice in your mouth and THEN take the shot. The lemon seems to make it all taste just like a warm chocolate cake!

So give it a go and let me know what you think!

Photo Credit: Getty/Rosana Galão / EyeEm

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