Know The Signs Of Heat Stroke

The last few days mother nature has cranked up the thermostat to 100 and with that comes a few risks.

Heat Stroke Chart

While most of us try to stay indoors and as close to the AC as possible when the temperatures rise sometimes being outdoors just can't be avoided. When that happens it's best to know some of the sure fire signs of eat illness.

As someone who's experienced heat exhaustion before, I can attest that it is no fun. I was out for a run on a day in the late 80's and instead of heading home after a few miles I decided to try and push it. BIG mistake. I ended up collapsed on someones lawn where a kind passerby er found me and brought me ice and water. Without him I am 100% convinced things would have gone from bad to worse pretty quickly.

After that I've been pretty mindful to hydrate and exercise caution in the warm weather as well as spread the word on various heat illnesses.

If you have a moment the National Weather Service has a pretty in depth article on the matter which you can find here however just knowing the chat can save lives.

It also helps to know that children and pets succumb to heat illnesses significantly more easy than adults. While children's symptoms mirror an adults pets exude a different set so I snagged a video below.

Take a peak and keep your furry friends safe this summer!

Photo Credit: Getty/Siriporn Kaenseeya / EyeEm/

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