Emergency Crews Rescue 15 Year Old Girl In Chatham After A Sand Collapse

A scary situation unfolded at a beach in Chatham over the weekend. 15 year old Tessa Filmer-Gallagher became trapped when the hole she was digging on a Chatham beach collapsed around her.

Tide eroding sand from a beach

TessaTessa was enjoying a day at the beach with her friends when they decided to dig a hole when suddenly it collapsed trapping her under a bed of wet sand.

Her friends quickly called her mother who in turned called the Chatham Harbormaster who brought in the Coast Guard as well as the Chatham Fire Department to free her from her sandy situation.

Fortunately thanks to some quick thinking and speedy response from the first responders Tess walked away from the situation shaken but unharmed.

Photo Credit:Getty/ Simon McGill

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