Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Buys the XFL for 15 Million

Well now if this wasn't a crazy turn of events.

Earlier this year Vince McMahon attempted to revive an early 2000's creation of his, the XFL. However despite having a promising start, due to the Corona Virus the company had to suspend their game play for the season and ultimately ended up claiming bankruptcy due to the unforeseen losses.

That's when the Rock comes in.

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Now personally I was a huge fan of the revival of the XFL. The games went faster I dug the players and the whole vibe just seemed fresh and new. However when the virus stuck it was clear to see that starting a new athletic company during a pandemic wasn't going to pan out for the wrestling mogul.

Now clearly I wasn't the only who was into the new league because once the company went into auction they had several interested parties looking to score a cheap sports franchise and the winner of the bids was none other than former WWE Star Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Dwayne shelled out just a mere 15 million dollars for the company and while he has yet to announce his plans for what a new season might look like he was pretty excited for his latest venture.

Check out more on what The Rock had to say here.

Photo Credit: Getty/Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Stringerh

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