Kids Trying To Sneak Out Get a Rude Surprise When It's All Caught on Film

Now certainly I don't condone kids sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night. But let's face it, growing up we all tried to pull a fast one and stay out a little later than we should. In my case i actually had a door to the outside in my room which certainly made the whole thing a lot easier. However there also weren't cameras everywhere when my parents could watch my every move.

A Girl Peeping Out From Behind A Corner Sweden.

Things got a little out of hand when a group of young boys thought they would be clever and sneak out of the house on a sleepover one night. What they didn't realize is not only were there cameras watching the windows but the backyard as well! Basically their whole escapade was caught on tape!

No word on how these young trouble makers were punished but I think it's safe to say these boys will think twice before they try to sneak out for some late night shenanigans again!

Photo Credit: Getty/Johan Willner

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