The Worlds Last Blockbuster in Bend Oregon Is Now An Airbnb

We can relive the 90's in one of the coolest ways possible, at an overnight getaway in the world last Blockbuster!


While 99.99% of Blockbusters have packed up shop there is one left standing in Bend, Oregon Bend, Oregon. The tiny town boasts less than 100 thousand residents however when the rental chain was facing extinction they were able to band together and save what would be come a national land mark.

After receiving decades of support from the residents of Bend, Blockbuster has decided to do something to show their thanks, they're opening they're turning their store into an Airbnb for 3 nights only!

For the low low price of 4 dollars residents of Bend Oregon are able to book an overnight stay in the last remaining Blockbuster Sept 18, 19, or 20.

Your overnight stay will include all the movies you could possibly watch in a vintage living room setup with the stores manager as your host!

While this exclusive experience is only available to residents in Bend Oregon due to the Corona virus restrictions if the experience goes well after the pandemic they might open it up to all!

Want to check out the setup and learn a bit more about the worlds last Blockbuster? Get the full scoop here.

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