Man Buys Home with 14 Acres To Rescue Pit Bull Puppies

Peoples biased against Pit Bull pups was never something I could understand. Growing up we had an amazing Pit puppy name Riley and she was just the sweetest. If anything it was our German Shepard who was the troublemaker. And the only two times I have ever been bitten by a dog was by a tiny white floof dog and a black lab.

That being said there are so many people who don't feel the same and it's clearly apparent by the number of Pit Bulls in shelters.

Portrait Of Dog Running On Field At Back Yard

Well after volunteering, working in shelters and trying to give back one man decided he would go one step further and create an organization just for Pit Bulls.

Check out his inspiring story below!

Photo Credit: Getty/Jennierae Gonzalez / EyeEm

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