Get Your Dance On - The Fitness Marshall: Black Pink 'Ice Cream'

I think it's safe to say sometimes you just gotta get up and shack your groove thing and that's when The Fitness Marshall comes in handy!

Friends dancing while woman using phone

Now I know I've talked about him a time or two but in case you have no idea who he is, here's a brief run down!

Caleb Marshall is a phenominal dance instructor that posts super fun and timely dance routine videos on YouTube so we can all work out together on our own pace. He's great.

Now, he often takes new music so I was surprised to see he created a fun dace for BlackPink's Ice Cream, but I was pumped to see just how fun and easy it was!

If you wanna get up and move this afternoon, try following along! You'll love it!

Photo Credit:Getty/Klaus Vedfelt

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