I Decided To Dye My Hair Blue

So, I LOVE coloring my hair. Honestly, when my hair is blue or purple I feel the prettiest but I HATE the damage that ensues to get it out so this time I decided to try something new.

Have you ever heard of Overtone? It's this temporary color that you apply like a conditioner. I was skeptical at first but eventually all of their targeted Instagram ads finally wore me down and I gave it a go!

The results? Killer!


Seriously I am obsessed. So much so I decided to do a mini photo shoot with a fun new vintage jacket I picked up at a Wicked Thrift recently.

I just couldn't decide which pictures to share...so you get all of them lol

Now I will say, there was a downside to the blue... my shower is totally stained and I've soaked it in cleaner three times now. I'm sure it will fade over time though so I'm not too worried.

Anyways, IF you'd like to hang out with my blue adventure don't forget to follow me -----> Facebook & Insta <3

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